AIoT and Edge Machine Learning Training Workshop


EU-IoT organized a training workshop on “AIoT and Edge Machine Learning”, in collaboration with H2020 projects ASSIST-IoT, IoT-NGIN, INTELLIoT, VEDLIoT and INGENIOUS. The workshop, on 21 May included tutorials on cutting-edge Machine Learning topics, including EdgeAI, Federated Machine Learning (FML) and TinyML. Relevant use cases implemented in these research projects were also presented. All together, 95 participants connected to the online event and attended the seminar.

The recording of the seminar is available here below.

The training session will also be made available in the EU-IoT training libraries. EU-IoT plans to provide more training resources such as a searchable catalogue of on-line and degree IoT courses.

This was the first of a series of thematic training seminars on innovative IoT and Edge Computing topics. Future seminars will focus on topics such as Augmented Reality and the Tactile Internet, Decentralized (blockchain-based) architectures at the edge, as well as 5G networks for Edge AI and IoT applications at the edge.

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