Autonomous tractors and plant-level precision farming


Farming is set to transform dramatically in the coming years: automation, AI, machine learning, and edge computing unlock game-changing opportunities to increase efficiency and bolster productivity – both on and off the field. Solutions such as semi-autonomous tractors, intelligent tools for spot spraying and ploughing algorithms are developed not only to save farmers’ time – but also to increase production significantly. After all, the population is growing and will require more food in the future.

IntellIoT, one of six research and innovation actions (RIAs) launched by the European Commission in 2020, aims to enable semi-autonomous IoT applications for AI-enabled systems. Within the next three years, they will be testing their framework in three industries – agriculture being one of them. The consortium’s projects aim to overcome limitations of traditional cloud-centric IoT, such as unreliable connectivity, privacy concerns, or high round-trip times.

IntellIoT spoke to farmers, technologists, corporates, and startups about the current state of agritech and what’s waiting out on the horizon. Read the full article by Emily Phillips, originally published on Medium in ‘Next Generation IoT Magazine’ –

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