Back from the Connected Smart Cities Conference 2019

On the 17th January, several NGIoT representatives attended the Connected Smart Cities Conference (CSCC). At this event, cities’ representatives, policy-makers, researchers, and businesses gathered together to connect at the forefront of human-centric societal development of technologies, markets, and policy in the 21st century.

Connected Smart Cities had four tracks – Tech, Future, Green, and Funds – where innovative minds discussed how open standards, next generation technologies and solutions, open movements and common interoperability mechanisms. These are all key to support cities and businesses alike create an open and global smart city market for data and services based on cities’ needs.
Discussions such as this are crucial to boost the economy and social innovation across Europe. And we must make use of digital transformation to empower citizens, encouraging a human-centric development and deployment of technologies and solutions.

“We are very happy to have gathered the growing community of researchers and innovators at work to improve life for all citizens. This edition of CSCC was a great success” said NGIoT Project Coordinator Martin Brynskov (Professor at Aarhus University). Brynskov, as Chair of the Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC) network, was also one of the key people in the organisation and animation of an amazing day.

“The Next Generation City of Things will not be a city of things!” Added Dr. Monique Calisti (CEO of Martel Innovate), Communication Officer for the IoT Large Scale Pilot Programme.

“It will be an ecosystem in which things, devices, sensors, machines and individuals will be interconnected to form smart communities.”

While the work to get to a better-connected society for all still requires much effort, European-led initiatives with a global ambition such as OASC are key in ensuring Europe will be able to transform the cities of today into better liveable ecosystems for all of us.

Stay tuned and book for next year’s CSCC edition!