Back from the CSCC Conference 2020

NGIoT representatives attended the Connected Smart Cities Conference (CSCC) on 23 January. Cities’ representatives, policy-makers, researchers, and businesses gathered together to connect on the digital transformation of cities and communities. The focus was on a more inclusive, sustainable and efficient model, while contributing to local economies and addressing EU and global challenges.

Connected Smart Cities had four tracks – Green, People, Economy and Tech. Innovative minds discussed the role of technology to create healthy environments for communities in climate-neutral cities. Attendees looked at how emerging technologies effect and shape personal data management, privacy and security. They examined the risks and the benefits of smart cities marketplaces, considering public and private investments. And the challenges were outlined for technological advancements that provide solutions for smart cities services, with a focus on interoperability and standardisation.

We are pleased to have gathered key representatives of our community, from cities, businesses and research, especially the ones contributing to policy-making processes and those who make things happen.

“The strategy is clear: scale with cities, with communities, with businesses. Scale with confidence, thought and trust, on a common technical ground, on the terms of cities and communities.” said Martin Brynskov, Project Coordinator, NGIoT, Chair, Open & Agile Smart Cities, and Associate Professor, Aarhus University.

“Advanced new technologies are vital to ensure digital transformation is beneficial for human kind, as well as respectful to the environment in the cities and communities context” added Dr. Monique Calisti (CEO of Martel Innovate), Communication Officer for the IoT Large Scale Pilot Programme.

While efforts to move towards a better-connected society for all is still work in progress, European-led initiatives with a global ambition such as OASC are key in ensuring Europe will be able to transform the cities of today into better liveable ecosystems for all of us.

Stay tuned and book for next year’s CSCC edition!

Find all the presentations of the invited speakers here: