Deadline extension announced for the ASSIST-IoT Open Call

ASSIST-IoT project announced the extension of the deadline for the second Open Call to 31 October, 5 pm CET. 

The ASSIST-IoT project has reserved part of the budget to fund specific activities to enhance and improve IoT features and applications and boost the NGIoT community across Europe. Third parties are expected to come along and carry out relevant actions during the project’s life cycle. These later-joining entities will be selected by the evaluation means of the Open Call which will be dedicated to the integration and validation of the proposals within any of the ASSIST-IoT three pilots.

This Open Call aims at funding innovative proposals that will enhance ASSIST-IoT’s objectives framed(mandatorily) within one (out of its three) pilot(s). In particular, Open Call proposals are expected to address one specific challenge from a list of possible challenges formulated by each pilot.

ASSIST-IoT PROJECT OVERVIEWASSIST-IoT is an EU H2020 ICT-56-2020 funded research project running for 36 months which aims to design, implement and validate an open, decentralized reference architecture, associated enablers, services and tools, to assist human-centric applications in multiple verticals. ASSIST-IoT will design, implement and validate, in a realistic, measurable, and replicable way, a unified innovative multi-plane (semi-)autonomous decentralized edge-cloud reference architecture, supplemented by cross-cutting digital enablers. The ASSIST-IoT architecture will support continuous integration and long-term sustainability of domain-agnostic, interoperable, self-* capable, intelligent, distributed, scalable, secure and trustworthy IoT ecosystems.

More information is available here.