e-workshop ETSI IoT Standard

etsiThe e-workshop ETSI IoT Standard which was be focused on the recent cybersecurity standard in the IoT for consumers, took place on May 24, 2019 10:00 am CEST.

The e-workshop was organized by NGIOT and the partners of the project Istituto Italiano per la Privacy and Archimede Solutions.

The e-workshop was moderated by Prof. Pasquale Annichino of Archimede Solutions and Francesco Capparelli of the Istituto Italiano per la Privacy who illustrated the contents of the standard.

Three speakers have taken the floor to present how some of the security measures that the standard lists in a non-detailed way can be implemented in different sectors or through innovative technologies.
  • Angelica Craveli, president of the association CYFRA and Cybersecurity Analyst of Business Integration Partners, presented her contribution on the implementation of the blockchain as a security measure in the field of Internet of Things. (PDF of the presentation here)
  • Pietro Biondi, researcher at the University of Catania, presented his contribution on the implementation of security measures in the automotive field by providing a parallelism between security in vehicles and that in the Internet of Things, now increasingly similar.(PDF of the presentation here)
  • Giulio Messori, Chief Innovation Officer of CRC Lex and member of the IoT & Privacy Center, presented his contribution entitled “The new ETSI Standard on the “Cyber Security for Consumer Internet of Things”: some legal thoughts on privacy, consent and UX”.(PDF of the presentation here)
 The e-workshop had 25 participants and there was a clear interest in the innovation brought by the implementation of the blockchain as a security measure. In fact, there has been a debate on the topic which has involved the public and the speaker who has dealt with the topic.