European Cities Join Forces to Boost Digital Transformation in Europe

living-inThe NGIoT community supports a campaign for greater uptake of digital solutions and the creation of the European Way of digital transformation. A declaration “JOIN, BOOST, SUSTAIN” was kicked-off in Oulu, Finland and the campaign runs up to the Porto 4th Cities Forum 30-31 January 2020.

At a time when European cities and communities are faced with a growing range of challenges of the various impacts of digitalization, this declaration marks an important step in the launch of the ‘European way’ of digitally transforming cities and communities. Cooperation across geographical areas and between sectors is needed to boost innovation and allow cities and communities to develop efficient, cost-effective and citizen-centric services. Large-scale uptake of these solutions is crucial also making real the ambition of Europe to be a digital frontrunner. Therefore, the deployment and scaling up of open, interoperable, cross-sector and cross-border platforms as means to boost digital transformation is at the heart of this declaration.

Living-in.EU – the European way of digital transformation in cities and communities

This approach will ensure technological leadership in the EU while respecting European values and diversity, as well as individuals’ digital rights. It is time in the EU to join forces to scale up digital solutions so that at least 300 million Europeans can enjoy a better quality of life in the near future.

Visit the living-in website here