Human-in-the-Loop – the Key to Successful AI

June 15, 2021 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm Europe/Zurich Timezone

 Human-in-the-Loop - the Key to Successful AI

Let’s discuss the human-machine collaboration of the future!

Will AI outsmart the human? Or going one step further – will it make the humans redundant? Not according to the science. In fact, researchers state that a collaboration between humans and machines is the main factor of successful next generation technology. The Human-in-the-Loop approach aims to solve the biggest problem in current AI – the machine’s lack of decisiveness when approaching an unknown situation. The question is: how to incorporate the human aspect in technology?

On June 15th, the innovation experts from IntellIoT, Startup Colors, and the Meetup.Ai community in Berlin invite you to a knowledge-packed online event.

Join us in a conversation on the modern approach to human-machine collaboration and its importance in the process of developing next generation IoT solutions.

Joining us in the conversation will be:

  • Rob van Kranenburg, Founder of #IoTCouncil and #IoTDay
  • Carina Pamminger, Chief Project Manager at HOLO-LIGHT

More speakers coming soon.

Moderating the conversation will be Nicholas Borsotto Machado Monteiro from

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