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September 1, 2021 - November 1, 2021


To extend the functionality of the IntellIoT framework and the three use cases, a number of possible contributions are sought after from Open Call applicants. Below is a list of non-exhaustive examples:

For the general framework:

  • Digital Twin tooling: Software that allows to create a digital copy of a physical object to enable simulations, advanced designing, and planning. Such a digital twin could make sense for example for the tractor in the agriculture use case or the robot arm in the manufacturing use case.
  • Blockchain-based marketplace: Software that implements a user interface and underlying marketplace exchange to support service business based on IntellIoT’s blockchain components (e.g., 3rd party agriculture or manufacturing machinery vendors).

For the Agriculture use case:

  • Drones: Hardware (e.g., drone devices) and software for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) that are integrated by the Open Call participant into the IntellIoT framework. Drones could then be used in collaboration with the tractor to support for example in the circumvention of obstacles, by providing imagery data around the tractor and of the obstacle. A challenge will then be the implementation of coordinating the drone’s flight with the driving path of the tractor, or even other drones.
  • Smart Farming Solution: Hardware and software solutions for smart farming could be integrated with the IntellIoT framework to support the agriculture use case. Solutions could range for example from the integration of in-situ sensor networks or aerial imagery sensors to the analysis of such collected data to improve the efficiency of the farming.

For the Healthcare use case:

  • Next generation Medical AI devices: Hardware (medical devices) and software (e.g., analytics) to integrate with the IntellIoT framework and support the healthcare use case through patient monitoring and guidance.
  • Data & analytics: Access to data (e.g., historical and anonymized medical data or live data from sensors) as well as software (e.g., machine learning models that can be utilized to analyse the medical data).

For the Manufacturing use case:

  • Automated guided vehicle (AGV): Hardware (e.g., an AGV platform) and software to integrate the AGV into the IntellIoT framework and to coordinate with other machinery/robots (potentially the AGV could also carry a robot arm).
  • New sensor technologies: Hardware (e.g., radar or LIDAR) and software to integrate with IntellIoT framework and to support the manufacturing use case, for example to improve the robot arm interaction with the machinery.


IntellIoT is organizing two Open Calls with the aim to involve startups and SMEs to build applications, services and extensions on the IntellIoT technical framework within special 6-month pilots (for each open call) that will be aligned with IntellIoT’s 3 use cases.


With the Open Calls, IntellIoT aims to widen the range of new and innovative IoT applications and devices within the framework and specific IoT environments of the use cases. Moreover, it is intended to further develop the use cases already specified by providing additional tools, services, applications or devices. The Open Calls will also be used to gain feedback from the participants on the developed framework and technologies as well as to explore different novel business models applied by the Open Call winners.


Single participants from EU member states and Horizon 2020 associated countries (Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, UK and Ukraine).

Project: IntellIoT

Total call budget: € 860’000

Project budget range:  Up to 150,000 € for proposals addressing the general framework, up to 100,000 € for proposals addressing one of the use cases

Opening date:  01.09.21

Closing date: 01.11.21

Results announced: 17.12.21

Contact person: Berkay Kabay, Maren Lesche

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Phone:  +49 15119477204

Planned info days/events:  Info workshop planned in week 36 (exact date tbc) and bi-weekly Q&A sessions for applicants.

Link to call on RIA website: https://intelliot.eu/open-calls

Links to project use cases: https://intelliot.eu/use-cases



September 1, 2021
November 1, 2021
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