IoT and Edge: Instruments, Priorities and Partnerships

February 25, 2021 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm Europe/Zurich Timezone

The purpose of the workshop is to take stock and consolidate on the key messages from the previous workshops on IoT and Edge computing, organised by the Horizon 2020 project NGIoT, held on 11 September and 7/8 December 2020.

NGIoT invites European industry and the public sector to reflect on the results from these workshops and convey their position or provide a spontaneous feedback on the role of Edge Computing as they experience it in their relevant sectors. Feedback could be provided orally or through quote and/or expression of interest in supporting the future strategic discussion on Edge Computing at the European level.

We welcome your vision

The previous workshops have shown a general consensus that the current shift from Cloud to Edge offers significant opportunities for Europe. While currently, 80 percent of data is stored and processed centralised in the cloud and 20 percent at the Edge in smart connected objects, in five years, this is expected to be the opposite. The shift to the Far Edge is driven by the need for real time solutions, for more intelligence in devices, and is also pushed by the green agenda, as well as quests for increased privacy and security. In addition, Edge computing is supporting the shift in focus from big data to relevant data.

Europe is strongly positioned at the Edge/Far Edge, covering key players in the value chain from sensors and systems, embedded computing, connectivity, SW design to the development of complex products, but forces should be joined, moving from a value chain to a value network. Also, research needs to come up to speed in order to support the developments in industry.

Recent workshops contributed to the vision on how to make the most out of European investments in research, innovation and deployment related to IoT and Edge computing in the coming years. Perspectives for main priorities for research, innovation and deployment on the short/midterm and long term have been addressed. Awareness should be created on the strength of Europe and what Europe still needs. Which instruments for collaboration would create most value? Which barriers are the most critical ones identified? And most important, who are the relevant European key players that can drive the seismic shift from Cloud to Far Edge? How to support SMEs to contribute?

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Programme Webinar

Hosted by NGIoT with EU-IoT, ARTEMIS-IA, AIOTI, Eclipse Foundation and the European Commission, DG Connect.

9:30 – 9:40 Welcome

9:45 – 10:45 Part I: Strategic Agendas and Positions


  • Market Analysis and Business Modelling
    Francisco Molina
    Research Analyst, Archimède Solutions
  • Trends and gaps
    Adriënne Heijnen
    Senior scientific advisor & researcher, Aarhus University
  • Roadmap
    Federico Michele Facca
    CTO, Martel Innovate


  • Paolo Azzoni
    Research Program Manager, Eurotech


  • Marc Duranton
    International Expert and European Project Coordinator, CEA

  Open source

  • Gaël Blondelle,
    Vice President, Ecosystem Development, Eclipse Foundation


  • John Soldatos
    Senior Innovation Delivery Specialist, INTRASOFT


  • Ovidiu Vermesan
    Chief scientist, SINTEF Digital

10:45 – 11:45 Part II Visions and Statements

  • Short (2-minute) pitches from the audience (submit your own and see other statements here).
  • Open discussion

11:45-12:00 Next steps: Sector Workshops

  • Short introduction to the coming sector-oriented workshop series (March – May).


AI, cloud computing and IoT remain at the forefront of a digitised industry characterised by very high levels of automation, hyper-connectivity and widespread intelligence applications. With the next wave of emerging Internet of Things associated with a massive increase of data, Edge computing will harness the advances in AI and computing power at the device level enabling processing closer to the source of data generation, “things” and users.
Europe should invest in this next wave of digital innovation in order to regain its strategic autonomy and strengthen its industry. With the paradigm shift from cloud to edge, Europe has the opportunity to gain back market shares in the data economy building on its strengths in sensors, microsystems, control and automation systems and its application in key industrial sectors.
It is time for building consensus for a European strategic agenda for ‘Cloud-to-Edge-to-IoT’

Rolf Riemenschneider, European Commission

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  • NGIoT Report: IoT and Edge Computing: Future Directions for Europe.  Download the report here
  • European Commission Event report: Building an ecosystem where IoT, edge and cloud converge towards a computing continuum. Download the report here
  • The NGIoT Strategic Roadmap sets the future course for IoT in Europe. It is based on broad community input including companies, public sector, researchers and NGOs. It is intended as a basis for dialogue towards the selection of priorities in the IoT domain. Access the Draft Roadmap here and contribute your expert opinion on one of the most important digital technological advancements of our era.
  • The Strategic Research Agenda for Electronic Components & Systems 2020 White Paper may also be of interest and is available here.
  • ARTEMIS white paperFrom Internet of Things to System of Systems” is available here.
  • AIOTI White Paper