From Cloud to Edge to IoT for European Data

More than 250 stakeholders from industry, academia and innovators participated in the “From Cloud to Edge to IoT for European Data” event on 7 July 2021, organized by the EU-IoT project with the support of the European Commission (EC). The attendees had the opportunity to learn about the section “From Cloud-Edge-IoT for European Data” under Cluster 4 of the Horizon Europe Programme and the chance to network in order to forge winning partnerships.

Strong emphasis on EU Data Strategy

Rolf Riemenschneider, Head of Sector IoT at the EC, presented an overview Destination 3 of Cluster 4 of Horizon Europe – From Cloud to Edge to IoT for European data – and the new strategies on world leading technology at the interface of Cloud, Edge, data and AI.

“The projects will place a strong emphasis on EU Data Strategy, through initiatives that can generate momentum by advances in cloud computing. The overall purpose is to strengthen the EU position in the Data Economy, whilst investing in alternatives to leading cloud service providers  such as a federation of Cloud infrastructure based in Europe.  Europe has a unique opportunity to invest in data processing and computing at the edge and build on its strength in designing safe and complex systems ”, said Rolf Riemenschneider, Head of Sector IoT at the European Commission, in his presentation.

In the next 2 years, the set of Horizon Europe topics include three Research and Innovation (RIA) projects on Edge operating systems, one Coordination and Supporting Action (CSA) in the Cloud-Edge-IoT topic and another for the roadmap of the next generation of IoT technology. A research topic on open source for Cloud will be launched in 2022. Further RIA topics on Edge metaOS and Cognitive Cloud will be opening next year and vertical support for research innovation will be offered from 2023 on (check the slides).

Haydn Thompson, Founder and Managing Director of the THHINK Group, offered a summary of EC consultations on IoT, focusing on the next generation IoT, the drivers and the needs in the sector.

“The Edge is the logical evolution of the dominant computing cloud model. It will reduce the amount of data sent to the Cloud, bring real-time operation at the Edge, improve security, privacy, etc; it will reduce the energy use of systems in future; this is an opportunity for Europe”, said Haydn Thompson, Founder and Managing Director of the THHINK Group, in his presentation.

Haydn Thompson emphasised that there is huge potential in Europe for Edge computing applications, but it has to concentrate on impact by ecosystems around critical and high value projects that accelerate key markets.

Forging winning partnerships

The event provided participants with a unique opportunity to brainstorm on emerging concepts, pitch concrete ideas and exchange expertise with leading research organisations and cutting-edge innovators from across the industry. During the event and in the following days, more than 100 1:1 meetings were scheduled through the platform.

The platform will remain online to provide information on Horizon Europe’s Destination 3 – From Cloud to Edge to IoT for European data until September 2021.

If you want to discover more insights, download the full report here.

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