LSP Projects

NGIoT strengthens and supports the entire IoT LSP programme’s  vision to ensure a human-centric IoT evolution. Towards this, clear alignment between the overall IoT LSP programme objectives as well as the overarching NGIoT vision is necessary, along with close collaboration between the relevant projects and initiatives.


The main objective is to build the first European IoT ecosystem across 9 Deployment Sites (DS) in seven European countries, reusing and scaling up underlying open and proprietary IoT platforms, technologies and standards, and integrating new interfaces needed to provide interoperability across these heterogeneous platforms, that will enable the deployment and operation at large scale of Active & Healthy Ageing IoT based solutions and services, supporting and extending the independent living of older adults in their living environments, and responding to real needs of caregivers, service providers and public authorities.


SynchroniCity aims at providing enablers for integrating heterogeneous IoT components into SynchroniCity, together with a market place for compliant IoT products and solutions, in order to simplify the adoption and integration by smart cities and apps developers.


“U4IoT (User Engagement for Large Scale Pilots in the Internet of Things) brings together 9 partners from 5 European countries.
The objectives are to develop toolkit for LSPs end-user engagement and adoption, including online resources, privacy-compliant crowdsourcing tools, guidelines and an innovative privacy game for personal data protection risk assessment and awareness, online training modules.”


As partner in CREATE-IoT, Mandat International is responsible for key contributions to standardisation roadmap for the IoT LSP programme.


The AUTOPILOT consortium represents all relevant areas of the IoT eco-system. Thanks to AUTOPILOT, the IoT eco-system will involve vehicles, road infrastructure and surrounding objects in the IoT, with particular attention to safety critical aspects of automated driving.


The project Internet of Food & Farm 2020 (IoF2020) explores the potential of IoT-technologies for the European food and farming industry.


The MONICA project is a large-scale demonstration of new and existing IoT applications for a smarter living. The demonstration involves six major cities in Europe: Lyon, Bonn, Leeds, Turin, Copenhagen and Hamburg. Focus is on one of the key aspects of European society: the cultural performances in open-air settings which create challenges in terms of crowd safety, security and noise pollution.