NGIoT Community Events: EV charging – A case for the edge?

On 29 April EU-IoT organised the first NGIoT Community Events: EV charging – A case for the edge? Electric vehicles represent the future and the present of transport across Europe; in 2021, EV sales were at 18.0% of total car registrations, up from a 10.5% share in 2020. This ever-growing market will bring changes and […]

Call for papers – 12th CONASENSE Symposium 2022

6G is currently under definition, being often addressed from a plain telecommunications perspective, as an evolutionary paradigm that represents an extension of 5G. Having as horizon 2030, 6G initiatives are being deployed across the globe, to further ignite the development of 6G services. In its philosophy core, 6G embodies the “human in the loop” principle. […]

ASSIST-IoT contribution to AIOTI Standardisation Working Group – latest technical reports

ASSIST-IoT participates in the AIOTI Standardisation Working Group and contributed to the two latest released technical reports, through its partner in Poland (Orange). High Priority Edge Computing Standardisation Gaps and Relevant SDOs  This report introduces an approach for the definition and identification of key edge computing and/or combination of IoT/IIoT, edge computing and cloud computing gaps […]

NGIoT Community Events: Marking the evolution from cloud to edge

EU-IoT announces the start of the NGIoT Community Events under the title Marking the evolution from cloud to edge with the first online webinar taking place on 29 April. These community events will address key issues related to the Next Generation Internet of Things and will bring into discussion the changes in models and approaches […]

VEDLIoT Open Call is now active!

VERY EFFICIENT DEEP LEARNING IN IOT - TEACHING THE IOT TO LEARN The Next-generation AIoT applications – VEDLIoT-Open Call is now active! The VEDLIoT-Open call for cascaded funding is foreseen to explore new opportunities by extending the application of the VEDLIoT platform to a more extensive set of new and relevant use cases. It is [...]

Have your say in the NGIoT Skills Surveys!

The Next Generation Internet of Things (NGIoT) designed four surveys which aim at identifying the most important and high in-demand technical, development, management and other soft skills for Internet of Things (IoT) professionals, for users of industrial IoT systems (including Operator 4.0 skills). IMPORTANT: Please fill in all four surveys which should take no more […]

NGIoT Webinar: Presentation of the NGIoT Roadmap

On 23 February 2022, NGIoT organised a webinar to present the project’s final recommendation summarised in the “IoT research, innovation and deployment priorities in the EU White Paper”. The priorities and the linked roadmap were built based on the aligned work inputs from NGIoT different work packages and tasks, including the outcomes of the various […]

ASSIST-IoT Open Call Info Session

The ASSIST-IoT Open Call webinar, conducted by the ASSIST-IoT team on 11 February presented the current funding opportunity with €420,000 reserved for researchers and innovators from SMEs, RTOs and Universities willing to provide added value to the pilots of the project while validating its technical outcomes. Eligibility criteria, evaluation details and the submission procedure were […]

NGIoT Training: Decentralizing IoT Intelligence using Distributed Ledger Technologies

An NGIoT training webinar held on 7 February presented applications of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) in IoT including how blockchains enable massive decentralized IoT apps. Participants were given an introduction to the topic and explored areas of innovation in blockchain's potential for IoT. The session was led by John Soldatos, EU-IoT. Talks followed covering various [...]

Highlights: Information and Virtual Brokerage Session Horizon Europe Cloud, Edge, IoT Calls 2022

On 2 February 2022, more than 275 stakeholders from industry, academia and innovators participated in the Information and Virtual Brokerage Session on the Horizon Europe Cloud, Edge, IoT 2022 Calls, organised by HORIZON CLOUD and NGIoT in collaboration with the European Commission (EC). The attendees had the opportunity to learn about the three Horizon Europe [...]

Coming soon: Next-generation AIoT applications – VEDLIoT-Open Call opens 1 March

VEDLIoT – “Very Efficient Deep Learning in IoT” is driven by challenging use cases in key sectors like automotive, automation, and smart home. The main objective of VEDLIoT is to develop the next generation of connected IoT devices utilising distributed deep learning. The upcoming funding opportunity, which opens on 1 March, will fund around ten […]

Highlights of the EC Workshop “Digital Autonomy in the Computing Continuum”

On 11 November 2021, the European Commission, in collaboration with H-CLOUD, HUB4CLOUD, EU-IoT, and SWForum, organised the virtual workshop “Digital Autonomy in the Computing Continuum” (more information, including recordings and presentations, here). The event gathered researchers, innovators, industrial stakeholders both from the supply and the demand side, SMEs/Start-ups, policy makers, standardisation experts, regulators, as well [...]

The Internet-of-Things Open Source Ecosystem

For over a decade the Open Source Software (OSS) community has played a significant role in the development, deployment, and standardisation of the Internet of Things (IoT). This is evidenced by the increasing number of OSS projects that are developing essential components for the majority of IoT deployments worldwide, as well as by the number […]

NGIoT Report: A Roadmap for IoT in Europe

The “IoT research, innovation and deployment priorities in the EU White Paper” presents the project’s final recommendations. The priorities and the linked roadmap were built based on the aligned work inputs from NGIoT different work packages and tasks, including the outcomes of the various stakeholder engagements, such as the series of workshops on IoT and [...]

Towards a vibrant EU IoT ecosystem

Latest white paper outlines the full scope of IoT in Europe The European IoT Hub (EU-IoT) presents an updated overview of the ongoing growth of a sustainable and comprehensive ecosystem for the Next Generation Internet of Things initiative. This latest report reflects the EU-IoT guiding principle: that to build a vibrant and impactful European IoT [...]

Call for papers – Global IoT Summit 2022

The 5th edition of the Global  IoT Summit conference will be held in Dublin, Ireland from June 20 to 23, 2022. Co-located with IoT Week, GIoTS 2022 will discuss new breakthroughs in IoT and the feasibility of extending IoT to become truly ubiquitous with new cloud and edge computing technologies, big data analysis, citizen engagement, […]

Call for Papers – Privacy Symposium 2022 (deadline extended)

The Privacy Symposium, to be held Apr 5-7, 2022, Venice, Italy, is an international conference established to present and discuss original and innovative research results and technology developments related to personal data protection and compliance with data protection legislations. To this end, it brings together legal and technology experts together with researchers, data protection authorities […]

EU-IoT Training Workshop Series: NextGeneration IoT Architectures

An EU-IoT Training Workshop was held on 9 November on the theme of NextGeneration IoT Architectures - Taking Full Advantage of Emerging IoT Technologies. Around 50 participants joined the session which explored key themes and examples of next generation IoT Architectures as evidenced through the NGIoT research and innovation projects. Architectures leveraging novel building blocks [...]

Design Principles for Data Spaces – Position Paper

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ASSIST-IoT 1st Open Call officially starts

ASSIST-IoT has officially announced the start of the 1st Open Call! The ASSIST-IoT project has reserved part of the project budget to fund specific activities in order to enhance and improve IoT features and applications and boost the NGIoT community across Europe. Third parties are expected to come along and carry out relevant actions during [...]

iNGENIOUS – video outlines architecture for smart manufacturing and smart transportation

iNGENIOUS has produced a video explaining its aims to design and evaluate next generation IoT solutions by implementing a four-level cross-layer architecture to empower smart manufacturing and smart transportation and logistic verticals. The cross-layer architecture of iNGENIOUS is derived from the innovative functional and non-functional requirements that have been identified within six use cases spanning [...]

EU IoT Expert Group – Tiziana Ferrari

Dr. Tiziana Ferrari Director, EGI Foundation   IoT as enabler of scientific projects In the coming decade, we see IoT becoming a fundamentally enabler of scientific projects. In various scientific domains, and in particular in environmental science, research data is harvested from distributed sensors which require in-situ real time processing. All this data needs to [...]

NGIoT at IoT Week 2021

NGIoT participated in IoTWeek. Whether you are interested in latest policy, research, funding or training, we’ve got it covered for you. Read on to see all the sessions NGIoT participated in. Recordings are available here. Monday 30 August  11.45 – 12.45 Training Session by EU-IoT: Machine Learning at the Edge and FarEdge The EU-IoT training […]

NGIoT Open Calls session at IoT Week

The NGIoT Open Calls are coming soon. Tune in to the session on August 30th, during the IoT Week Virtual 2021, from 15:15 – 18:30 CET, to hear all about the open calls to be launched from September 2021 onwards for the Next Generation IoT projects. In the first session, RIAs will present their new […]

Edge-Cloud Services in the Gaia-X Architecture: A Survey

NGIoT invites all stakeholders to take part in a survey targeting industry and research stakeholders involved in Edge-Cloud services. It has as an aim to gather information concerning the specific needs of Edge-based networking and interconnection services to assist a better integration of current and future Edge-Cloud services in the Gaia-X architecture, having in mind […]

EU IoT Expert Group – Wael Elrifai

Wael Elrifai Global VP of Solution Engineering   IOT and Human Compatibility That the volume of data is growing exponentially is hardly an insight to you technology professionals, and I’ll not bore you with those statistics.  We can expect smaller, increasingly precise, and more energy efficient devices in every domain from health-tech wearables to industrial [...]

From Cloud to Edge to IoT for European Data

More than 250 stakeholders from industry, academia and innovators participated in the “From Cloud to Edge to IoT for European Data” event on 7 July 2021, organized by the EU-IoT project with the support of the European Commission (EC). The attendees had the opportunity to learn about the section “From Cloud-Edge-IoT for European Data” under […]

Pioneering healthcare AI with wearables monitoring in cardiovascular patients

When it comes to implementing AI in healthcare, the main question is not ‘why?’ – but ‘how?’. The gains are endless: starting with improved diagnosis and rehabilitation process to a reduced cost of care. Many fields, such as radiology and imaging, are already benefiting from the use of artificial intelligence. However, many sectors are yet […]

EU IoT Expert Group – Rob Van Kranenburg

Rob Van Kranenburg Director, IoT Council In the recently published The Cybersecurity Aspects of New Entities Need a Cybernetic, Holistic Perspective we propose a holistic perspective, distributing security at two points: at the device level and a moral movement at a societal level. ( Europe is at a critical crossroads in the battle to ensure [...]

EU IoT Expert Group – Jonathan Fürst

Jonathan Fürst Research Scientist, NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH The Internet of Things in Europe has the potential to create a complete new generation of business similar to what has happened with the proliferation of mobile and cloud computing. IoT not only improves various aspects of our lives but also increases the competitiveness of the EU [...]

Report: IoT and Edge Computing – Opportunities for Europe

NGIoT presents a new report on "IoT and Edge Computing: Opportunities for Europe: Takeaways from the NGIoT Workshops on IoT and Edge Computing Towards the NGIoT IoT Research and Innovation Roadmap, 2020/2021" Download the entire report here (PDF) NGIoT is collecting inputs and comments to the report for analysis and integration in the upcoming ”IoT [...]

Open Source Platform for Federated Learning and Tactile Internet – New reports from ASSIST-IoT

Technical reports by the ASSIST IoT project are now published, Open Source Platform for Federated Learning and Tactile Internet. The project, whose full name is 'Architecture for Scalable, Self-*, human-centric, Intelligent, Secure, and Tactile next generation IoT' has as its aim to design, implementation and validation of an open, decentralised reference architecture, associated enablers, services [...]

Autonomous tractors and plant-level precision farming

Farming is set to transform dramatically in the coming years: automation, AI, machine learning, and edge computing unlock game-changing opportunities to increase efficiency and bolster productivity – both on and off the field. Solutions such as semi-autonomous tractors, intelligent tools for spot spraying and ploughing algorithms are developed not only to save farmers’ time – […]

EU IoT Expert Group – Roch Guérin

Roch Guérin Washington University. Harold B. and Adelaide G. Welge Professor & Chair of Computer Science and Engineering Internet-of-Things (IoT) tends to mean different things to different people in part because, as a term, it is generic and broadly refers to the shift from a human-centric to a machine-centric Internet.  While connecting machines/things to the [...]

AIoT and Edge Machine Learning Training Workshop

EU-IoT organized a training workshop on “AIoT and Edge Machine Learning”, in collaboration with H2020 projects ASSIST-IoT, IoT-NGIN, INTELLIoT, VEDLIoT and INGENIOUS. The workshop, on 21 May included tutorials on cutting-edge Machine Learning topics, including EdgeAI, Federated Machine Learning (FML) and TinyML. Relevant use cases implemented in these research projects were also presented. All together, [...]

EU IoT Expert Group – Latif Ladid

Latif Ladid Research Fellow, Secan-Lab, University of Luxembourg. Founder & President, IPv6 Forum; Founding Co-Chair, IEEE 5G World Forum, 3GPP PCG Board Member The number of Internet Connected devices will cross the incredible total of 50 billion by 2025. The connectivity fabric of IP is used to enable more and more efficient context exchange with [...]

First “Standardisation and Open-source Aspects” workshop

The EU-IoT consortium has organized its first “Standardisation and Open-source Aspects” workshop on 27.04.2021. The workshop gathered several EU-IoT partners and several representatives of the ICT-56-2020 projects IoT-NGIN, ASSIST-IoT, IntelIoT, TERMINET, iNGENIOUS, VEDLIoT, as well as representatives of the OPEN DEI consortium. The main goal of this workshop was to align the Next Generation Internet […]

EU IoT Expert Group – Dr. Christian Winkler

Dr. Christian Winkler Senior Principal Expert IoT, Corporate Technology, Siemens AG Digital technologies and IoT were already changing the face of industry and the way we do business, but the COVID-19 pandemic has put the digital economy even more prominently at the center of our lives. Focused EU investments in digital technologies are needed to [...]

Human-centricity and Tactile Internet – Call for Papers

ASSIST-IoT and InGenious projects co-organise the 1st edition of Human Centric and Tactile IoT Workshop jointly held with IEEE GLOBECOM 2021, Madrid, Spain, December 7­‐11, 2021. The Call for Papers is now open! Submission deadline: 5 July 2021. Call for Papers IoT technologies and applications are bringing fundamental changes to all sectors of society and economy […]

Insights from the Next-Generation IoT and Edge Computing Strategy Forum

On 22 April 2021, the European Commission, in collaboration with EU-IoT, organised the Next-Generation IoT and Edge Computing Strategy Forum. Aim of the event was to gather top technology experts from across several digital and vertical domains, as well as corporate-strategy level representatives to exchange views on priorities, challenges and opportunities, and establish a commonly […]

The IoT Day – Roundtable Discussion on IoT Security Innovative Technologies & Research Trends

Celebrating the Global IoT Day, four H2020 projects – IoTAC, SerIoT, SecureIoT, and EU-IoT – organized a virtual roundtable discussion on 9 April 2021 to introduce their activities, and talk about the role of research in enhancing cybersecurity for IoT ecosystems and the potential contribution to industrial and societal development. At the event, the EU-IoT […] 2023 “ICT Standardisation Observatory and Support Facility in Europe” 3rd Open Call

Looking for funds to support your work on ICT standards? Potential applicants are standardisation specialists, defined as professionals with proven expertise and experience in standardisation activities e.g. previous contributions to standards developments, participation in various SDO groups working, previous or current chairs etc. in the respective priority area. The 2023 Calls are open to […]

NGIoT Thematic workshop series – Smart Cities & Communities, Agrifood & Rural Communities

NGIoT held two workshops on Smart Cities and Communities and Agrifood and Rural Communities as part of a thematic workshop series on IoT and Edge computing, organised by the NGIoT and EU-IoT Coordination and Support Actions in collaboration with the European Commission and relevant associations, networks, and projects. The objective of these thematic workshops is […]

EU IoT Expert Group – Dr. Alexander Willner

Dr. Alexander Willner Head of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Center, Fraunhofer Institut The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm is driving innovation and supports the whole digital transformation of Europe’s economy, that will shape how we will work in the future. At the same time, this change opposes a number of technical challenges that [...]

Into the manufacturing matrix: IntellIoT and Industry 4.0

IntellIoT ventures into the manufacturing matrix with an article exploring Industry 4.0. The Pan-European project focusses on the development of integrated, distributed, human-centered and trustworthy IoT frameworks applicable to agriculture, healthcare and manufacturing. In an article on Smart Factories and the fourth industrial revolution, the author explores the increasing proliferation of smaller and more agile […]

IoT and Edge Computing: Instruments, Priorities and Partnerships

The Next Generation Internet of Things Initiative held the latest in a series of workshops, revealing a general consensus that the current shift from Cloud to Edge offers significant opportunities for Europe. Computing at the Edge has grown steadily over the past decade, driven by the need to support computing and analytics closer to things […]

Edge Computing for 5G Networks

The 5G PPP Initiative and the 5G IA present a new white paper entitled “Edge Computing for 5G Networks”. This white paper provides a brief introduction to the Edge computing concept, as well as an exhaustive technology review focusing on virtualisation, orchestration, network control, and operational frameworks. The paper also presents a discussion about the role of security, and […]

ASSIST-IoT Webinar-Workshop video

ASSIST-IoT project organised the online Webinar-Workshop “Towards Market Review” on Monday 18 January 2021. The online workshop presents a brief overview of the ASSIST-IoT project, its use cases and the current market strategy. The workshop was organised within the framework of ASSIST-IoT Requirements, Specifications and Architecture work programme. Specifically, work on State of the Art […]

EU-IoT project kicks off

The journey towards the creation of a European hub to grow a sustainable and comprehensive ecosystem for the next generation Internet of Things (IoT) took a leap forward with the Kick Off Meeting of the EU-IoT project, the Coordination and Support Action funded by the European Commission to support the Next Generation IoT initiative (NGIoT). […]

Digital Around the World: IoT and Edge Computing

NGIoT participated in the global ‘Digital Around the World’ event on 21 October with a session on Edge Computing which outlined the European landscape as well as Europe’s future direction. New opportunities at the edge emerge which store and process data closer to where data is generated. Globally, lead cloud providers are well placed to […]

IoT and Edge Computing: Future directions for Europe

The workshop was hosted by NGIoT together with the European Commission and the Alliance for IoT Innovation (AIOTI). Of more than 300 people registered, around a third are from research and academia, with the public sector and SMEs also having broad representation.

IoT and Digital Skills, Joint webinar by NGIoT and DSJC

NGIoT and The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition (DSJC) joined forces to bring together governments, industry, academia, civil society and educators to address the issue of the lack of digital skills in Europe. The webinar addressed the barriers related to the lack of skills that hinder the uptake of new technologies, and the realisation of […]

NGIoT contributes to an Open Access Book just published

A new book, “Security Risk Management for the Internet of Things: Technologies and Techniques for IoT Security, Privacy and Data Protection” has been published with important contributions from the NGIoT community. NGIoT collaborators authored a chapter, “Data Protection Compliance Requirements for the Internet of Things”, by Luca Bolognini, Sébastien Ziegler, Pasquale Annicchino, Francesco Capparelli and […]

NGIoT – mobilising an IoT ecosystem for Horizon Europe

European IoT ecosystem mobilisation is at the core of the activities carried out by NGIoT. The primary objectives of the project are to develop collaborative activities to strengthen the European IoT ecosystem, to engage various stakeholders and to identify strategic research topics to be addressed in the next research programme in line with Horizon Europe. NGIoT […]

IoT Day 2020 – Three ways you can help guide IoT evolution in Europe

Today, 9 April, on IoT Day 2020, The Next Generation Internet of Things (NGIoT) community invites you to engage on the research priorities, technical challenges and policy specifications that must be taken into account to ensure the Internet of Things (IoT) will become more human-centric. Interested to know more about current measure to ensure the […]

White Paper on Artificial Intelligence – Public Consultation

Take part in a process which will guide the regulatory framework for AI and IoT for decades. In February the Commission published a White Paper entitled “Artificial Intelligence: A European approach to excellence and trust”. The White Paper is accompanied by a “Report on safety and liability implications of AI, the Internet of Things and […]

NGIoT Webinar: The European Commission Data Strategy

The European Data Strategy  which was launched in Brussels on 19 February, aims to make the EU a leader in a data-driven society. Europe’s data volume in 2018 was 33 zettabytes, and this is expected to rise in 2025 to 175 zettabytes. Creating a single market for data will allow it to flow freely within the EU and across sectors for the benefit of […]

Webinar: Data Protection in the transport field

An NGIoT webinar on the subject of ‘Data Protection in the transport field: Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and Crime Prevention’ was hosted by Prof. Pasquale Annicchino on 25 February, 2020. The webinar gives an overview of the experiences and best practices of three different European projects gained from facing obstacles related […]

Cities and EU commit to boost sustainable digital transformation

More than 60 EU, national, regional and city leaders have signed a political declaration, pledging to contribute to a voluntary joint investment plan to boost sustainable digital transformation in the EU. With their signatures, the leaders agree to upscale existing digital solutions on a larger, European scale to turn more cities and communities into smart […]

Back from the CSCC Conference 2020

NGIoT representatives attended the Connected Smart Cities Conference (CSCC) on 23 January. Cities’ representatives, policy-makers, researchers, and businesses gathered together to connect on the digital transformation of cities and communities. The focus was on a more inclusive, sustainable and efficient model, while contributing to local economies and addressing EU and global challenges. Connected Smart Cities […]