Next Generation Internet of Things on its way

Project Launch

On 1 December 2018, the European Commission-funded project “Next Generation Internet of Things” (GA No. 825082) will officially launch its 3-year public-facing action to establish an IoT Roadmap for European Research & Innovation as well as Implementation for 2020-2027.

The project consortium, led by Aarhus University, is comprised of six partners from four European countries: Aarhus University (Denmark), Mandat International (Switzerland), The Italian Institute for Privacy (Italy), Martel Innovate (Switzerland), DNET Labs (Serbia) and Archimède Solutions (Switzerland). All partners, who are active and experienced in the IoT and Next Generation Internet (NGI) domains, are looking forward to starting the work on this ambitious project.


NGIoT is a three-year Horizon 2020 action that will consolidate Europe’s leading position in the global research & innovation, development and deployment ecosystem working towards secure, safe, trusted and human-centered IoT for the Next Generation Internet (NGI). The project will engage and provide support across existing and future initiatives, working closely with industry, government and policy-making bodies, research & innovation, NGOs & communities and sectors, focusing on European NGI and IoT research and innovation as well as implementation domains.

The project takes a practical approach to engaging the entire NGIoT ecosystem, by establishing a high-level “NGIoT Strategy Board” and employing thematic working groups, prioritising privacy, security and trust. The main goal is to develop, share and promote a Research, Innovation and Implementation Strategy Roadmap for Europe and beyond, and to provide relevant recommendations based on a global view of the current models, future trends and challenges in the domain. NGIoT’s impact and ambition go well beyond just creating awareness on the future of IoT and the Artificial Intelligence-enabled society in the NGI world that we will live in. In this respect, NGIoT will serve to identify, foster, expose and facilitate good practices towards a converging strategy across Europe and worldwide.

“Together with the community, we will take a sober look at the current trends going towards an Artificial Intelligence-enabled near future. Global dynamics in technology and economy set a very high and challenging bar, but Europe is excellently positioned, with global leadership in research and innovation. The NGIoT ambition goes well beyond outlining and creatin

g awareness of future opportunities – we will, together with the European and global community, be both practical and bold in our vision, and aim for impactful convergence,” says Dr. Martin Brynskov, the Coordinator and lead of NGIoT.

Over the project’s 36 months, the project will establish the NGIoT Strategy Board, which will be at the core of stakeholder engagement  across all sectors. The NGIoT consortium will also build on strong established partnerships with Europe’s existing IoT Large-Scale Pilot (LSP) Programme and IoT Security cluster of projects, aligning both strategy and communication. Linked to this, the primary outcome of the NGIoT project is a robust, ambitious and forward-looking roadmap indicating future directions that will guide European IoT research, innovation, implementation, policy and investment, following core European values of openness, inclusion and local priorities. This is an essential strategic exercise that will be part of the broader Next Generation Internet initiative.NGIoT_rollup

During the first six months of the project the NGIoT consortium will work on an extended domain market analysis and currently applied business models. It will also monitor the research and innovation of relevant domain frameworks, trends and challenges, defining the ecosystem key players and produce an initial scope. At the end of the first year of activities, the NGIoT consortium will deliver a concept paper with the main results of these activities, which will become the basis for a broad and open strategy.

“The ambition of the NGIoT project is to grow and consolidate the overall European IoT ecosystem, helping accelerate the development and deployment of internet technologies that can ensure the economic and social growth of Europe in respect to people’s needs,” says Dr. Monique Calisti, CEO of Martel Innovate and leader of the NGIoT Communication and Marketing activities.

“Having been involved in the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative since its inception, I am convinced Europe can have a leading position and a global perspective only through coordinated efforts across all major research and innovation activities, and this is the major challenge NGIoT aims to meet,” Calisti says.

Dr. Sébastien Ziegler, President of the IoT Forum, Director of Mandat International and organizer of the IoT Week event, adds:

The project is now preparing for relevant key events such as ICT 2018 in Vienna, the Connected Smart Cities Conference 2019 in Brussels and, last but not least, IoT Week 2019 in Aarhus as the major community event gathering top IoT researchers and innovators from all over the world.

Stay with us and join this exciting undertaking, shaping the next generation internet of things strategies and deployment.