NGIoT Community Events: Evolving Manufacturing in Europe with Edge Computing

On 16 February, the NGIoT initiative, coordinated by EU-IoT, organized a community event to explore the role of Edge Computing in evolving the manufacturing sector in Europe. The event focused on the challenges and opportunities in moving from a Cloud-centric manufacturing approach to an Edge-Cloud based one.

Manufacturing is a key sector in Europe’s economic and societal development, providing support for 32 million jobs in Europe alone. The need for scalability, flexibility, sustainability, and adaptability in manufacturing requires a technology-driven approach that benefits from Cloud-based services. With the increasing need for support from the shop-floor to the Cloud across critical infrastructures, there is a growing trend in Edge-based services tailored for Manufacturing.

The event presented recent manufacturing use-cases from two flagship projects: iNGENIOUS, focusing on IoT and Edge computing, and the KnowlEdge project, focusing on platform design and implementation based on AI for supporting the manufacturing sector. The event also hosted a panel session with representatives of the flagship projects, a large-scale manufacturer, a manufacturing SME, and a manufacturing association. The panel discussed the challenges and opportunities for Edge-based services in Manufacturing.

The NGIoT Community Event was a significant step in exploring the potential of Edge Computing in the manufacturing sector in Europe. It highlighted the growing trend in Edge-based services tailored for manufacturing and the need for a technology-driven approach to meet the sector’s needs.


  • iNGENIOUS: Improved Driver’s Safety with Mixed Reality and Haptic Solutions, Jaime Ruiz Alonso (Nokia CNS XR Lab) (PDF available here)
  • KnowlEdge project: Challenges of AI implementation within manufacturing sector from a human interaction perspective, Stefan Walter (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd) (PDF available here)
  • Robert Schachner, Xentara GmbH, Chief Techonolgy Officer (PDF available here)
  • Christian Winkler, Siemens AG, Senior Principal Expert IoT (PDF available here)