NGIoT Community Events: Marking the evolution from cloud to edge

EU-IoT announces the start of the NGIoT Community Events under the title Marking the evolution from cloud to edge with the first online webinar taking place on 29 April.

The NGIoT Community Events series start on 29 April

These community events will address key issues related to the Next Generation Internet of Things and will bring into discussion the changes in models and approaches precipitated by the move to the edge, identify potential barriers to transition, understand which contexts and applications can drive the greatest value out of the evolution, identify key players in specific market domains and engage European actors within specific domains and provide visibility to the NGIoT Initiative.

The events are co-organised with key industry associations and technology developers to address and provide a common vista on the future market potential of the NGIoT and the direction towards the far and near edge within critical sectors in Europe such as Energy, Manufacturing, Automotive, Agriculture, or Logistics and Supply Chain. They aim to be lively and active discussions that welcome conflicting viewpoints in the form of a debate without a set of drawn-out presentations, and with direct audience participation.

Each event will have a presentation of how the application is currently addressed followed by how it will be through a push of intelligence and infrastructure towards the edge. After the presentation, a debate will be stimulated amongst the panellists which will discuss perceived benefits, risks, and feasibility of integration. These events will focus on the business parameters that may occur within the transition from cloud to edge, bringing together leading experts and different stakeholders who will share their views and outline the barriers and opportunities of this transition.

First Community Event: EV charging – A case for the edge?

Electric vehicles represent the future and the present of transport across Europe; in 2021, EV sales were at 18.0% of total car registrations, up from a 10.5% share in 2020. This ever-growing market will bring changes and shifts in how the energy grids can leverage EV vehicles as a grid component through contextual IoT applications and edge-based AI solutions, one of the many cases for the NGIoT at the edge.

Over the next few years, it is estimated that 80% of data will be processed at the edge, compared to 20% today and the NGIoT initiative is leading this area in providing the necessary architectures, systems and use cases to bring artificial intelligence closer to the human leveraging the power of federation and swarm computing. With the direction away from a cloud-centric model becoming a reality, what implications does this have for the businesses involved? Where does the real value exist and is it enough to invest in a federated and novel edge?

This event, which takes place on 29 April, focuses on a specific application to highlight the technical differences between edge and cloud approaches and brings together industry experts to debate the opportunities and barriers that will arise.

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