NGIoT – mobilising an IoT ecosystem for Horizon Europe

European IoT ecosystem mobilisation is at the core of the activities carried out by NGIoT. The primary objectives of the project are to develop collaborative activities to strengthen the European IoT ecosystem, to engage various stakeholders and to identify strategic research topics to be addressed in the next research programme in line with Horizon Europe.

NGIoT organised two workshops in Switzerland to explore ways to enhance the cooperation and coordination among IoT related fora and organisations across Europe in order to consolidate the European IoT ecosystem.

The “Workshop on European Research Support and Contribution to Global Standardisation, Internet of Things Perspectives” was held on March 3rd 2020 at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Geneva. The event gathered European and international experts in the field of standardisation, as well as members of the public, private sector, and academia, and explored possible paths to foster collaboration between IoT research and global IoT standardisation.

genevaThe “Workshop on Value Claiming” on was held 4-6 March, 2020 in the Alpine village of Crans Montana. Over the course of three days, NGIoT partners and NGIoT Strategy Board members  actively brainstormed and deliberated on the measures to maximize the economic and societal impact of European research on IoT for European industry and citizens.

Crans-MontanaBoth events led to fruitful discussions and conclusions, which will enrich the future work of NGIoT.

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