NGIoT takes the reins of AG08


Happy new year! The NGIoT has welcomed 2019 with news that two of our key project members have been appointed to the roles of Chair and Communication Officer in the IoT LSP Activity Group 8 (AG08).

AG08, which coordinates communications and event planning for the IoT LSP (Internet of Things Large-Scale Projects), has announced NGIoT project coordinator Martin Brynskov as AG08 Chair and Monique Calisti as AG08 Communication Officer.

The AG08 communications forum was formed in June 2017 and was run by IOF2020 throughout 2018. The reins of leadership were handed over at the final meeting of 2018 on 11 December.

“I would like to thank IOF2020 for the solid effort in shaping the comms forum and for the concrete productions delivered over the last year. Without strategic leadership and practical planning, we would not stand as strong as we do today,” said Martin Brynskov, Associate professor, interaction technologies at Aarhus University.

The rationale of AG08 is twofold:

  1. to ensure optimal visibility and impact of the €104,000 investment of the LSP programme, also towards the upcoming policies and initiatives, and
  2. to provide lean strategic planning and coordination among the individual LSPs so that they get increased visibility through joint efforts.

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