Next Generation IoT Publications

Towards a vibrant EU IoT ecosystem

This document is one of the first EU-IoT outcomes and represents a preliminary step to build and ensure the growth of a vibrant European IoT ecosystem, and it includes a critical mapping, a guidance framework, a structured presentation of input, and a wrap-up view.

Type: Strategy white paper // Date: June 2021  // Download PDF here

Report: IoT and Edge Computing: Opportunities for Europe

This report is built based on the takeaways from the NGIoT workshops on IoT and Edge computing towards the NGIoT IoT Research and Innovation roadmap, 2020/2021.

Type: Report // Date: June 2021  // Download PDF here

IoT supporting COVID-19 prevention, diagnosis and treatment efforts, Desk Review, NGIoT

This paper characterises the latest reporting on European and global initiatives to harness IoT in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. In Europe, IoT is part of the solution, with software developed to assist the work of medical staff by analysing images of pulmonary infections as well as use an EU-backed supercomputing platform, to identify a treatment. Globally, IoT is applied for contact tracing, Medical IoT, and Homecare and Telehealth. Prevention measures are in place harnessing big data and surveillance as well as border controls. Robotics, drones, GNSS and autonomous vehicles are increasingly being adopted to assist medical procedures while minimising the spread of the virus.

Type: Desk Review // Date: August 2020  // Download PDF here

Preliminary version of Roadmap for IoT Research, Innovation and Deployment in Europe

This version of the Roadmap is following the scoping paper published in September 2019, focusing on the challenges and recommendations for the future Horizon Europe. This document intents to further support the European Commission in setting priorities for the future Programme, the framework programme for research and innovation, and the Digital Europe Programme (DEP) for the implementation and deployment of digital technologies.

Type: Roadmap // Date: February 2020 // Download PDF here

Building a roadmap for the Next Generation Internet. Research, innovation and implementation 2021 – 2027

The objective of this scoping paper is to analyse Internet of Things (IoT) research, innovation and implementation challenges and present a set of recommendations for future IoT-focused investments to support the European Commission (EC) in the definition of the Horizon Europe and Digital Europe programmes for 2021-2027, as well as guide other initiatives in EU member states and among the IoT landscape in general, in Europe and beyond.

Type: Scoping paper // Date: September 2019 // Download PDF here

IoT and 5G City

This white-paper presents and discusses how IoT and 5G as key technologies are playing a crucial role in the context of smart cities offerings, while opening great opportunities in various vertical market segments.

Type: White paper // Date: July 2019 // Download PDF here