Webinar: Data Protection in the transport field

An NGIoT webinar on the subject of ‘Data Protection in the transport field: Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and Crime Prevention’ was hosted by Prof. Pasquale Annicchino on 25 February, 2020.

The webinar gives an overview of the experiences and best practices of three different European projects gained from facing obstacles related to data protection and cybersecurity in the IoT sector, with a focus on the transport sector.

NIoVe project

The nIoVe project aims to deploy a novel multi-layered interoperable cybersecurity solution for IoV, with emphasis on the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) ecosystem by employing an advanced cybersecurity system.

NIoVe is presented by Vito Michele Pavese and Kate Francis from ICT Legal Consulting, who introduces the issues addressed by the project and the critical issues related to the automotive sector.

PReVENT project

The PReVENT project supports the Commission actions that aim to promote the development, deployment and use of Intelligent Integrated Safety Systems in Europe. PReVENT will help drivers to avoid accidents Depending on the significance and timing of the danger, the systems will alert the drivers as early as possible, warn them and, if they do not react, actively assist or ultimately intervene.

PReVENT is presented by Marco Emanuele Carpenelli of the Italian Institute for Privacy, who will report on possible solutions to ensure regulatory compliance for IoT devices used in the field of crime prevention in public transport.

Francesco Capparelli, of the Italian Institute for Privacy, concludes, summarizing the best practices in data protection and cybersecurity common to the two sectors, as well as for IoT for consumers.

You can review the complete webminar here.