Large-Scale IoT & Data Marketplaces

April 8, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Europe/Zurich Timezone
Brussels, Belgium

iotmarketplace-wsReal-time data and real-time brokering of data transactions are becoming central in our increasingly data-driven societies, linked to both economic, social and environmental development.

By 2025, real-time data is projected to make up more than a quarter of all data being created, and the vast majority will be IoT data (IDC, 2018). This means that all sectors and all organisations need robust ways to share IoT data and orchestrate the services relying on them, including AI-based analytics and blockchain/DLTs.

As we’re looking into a near future where infrastructure and value chains are increasingly linked to partnerships and ecosystems, we see data spaces and data lakes with complex governance structures as the foundation for service delivery and meeting societal priorities.

This new situation must be met by similarly tuned transaction mechanisms. Whether monetised or not, such transactions cannot happen without clear and transparent, but also agile, terms and conditions: service level agreements, retention, ownership etc.

The workshop will take its starting point in ecosystems where such transformative marketplaces, or ecosystem transaction management mechanisms, are already forming and being discussed. These include Smart Cities & Communities, Food & Farming, Healthcare and Automotive.

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