NGIoT Publications

In this page you can download the publications related to the activity of the Next Generation Internet of Things project:

Title: Building a roadmap for the Next Generation Internet. Research, innovation and implementation 2021 – 2027

Description: The objective of this scoping paper is to analyse Internet of Things (IoT) research, innovation and implementation challenges and present a set of recommendations for future IoT-focused investments to support the European Commission (EC) in the definition of the Horizon Europe and Digital Europe programmes for 2021-2027, as well as guide other initiatives in EU member states and among the IoT landscape in general, in Europe and beyond.

Type: Scoping paper

Date: September 2019

Download PDF here

Title: IoT and 5G City (PDF)

Description: This white-paper presents and discusses how IoT and 5G as key technologies are playing a crucial role in the context of smart cities offerings, while opening great opportunities in various vertical market segments.

Type: White paper

Date: July 2019

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