Statements for NGIoT Thematic Workshop: Smart Cities and Communities

Statements for IoT and Edge: Smart Cities and Communities

The future of Smart Cities, Smart Communities and Smart Homes is for sure digital. The Internet of Things, Edge Computing, Digital Twins, Artificial Intellience… provide the tools to transform them into living organs of continuously evovlving, learning and progressing organisms, living and cooperating harmoniously within digitalized ecosystems. The materialization of this vision starts by a layered approach, which ensures interoperability, security, privacy, traceability and data sovereignty by design.

Terpsi Velivassaki , Senior Software Engineer, Synelixis

The power of Eindhoven is daring! The Brainport region has a proven track record to make I(o)T stuff that actually works. Together with our QH ecosystem partners we believe that IoT and Edge computing, together with an Urban Data Platform and topped by data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and/or digital twinning and virtual reality can and will provide sustainable societal benefits. An interoperable market place will combine transaction management, (personal) data sovereignty and an explanation of the fairness of the used algorithms, so that all parties in the data chain can choose a fruitful, yet justified, business model. More info: see the Digital City Program ecosystem in the Urban Development Initiative.

Rick Schager, SICT Architect, Municipality of Eindhoven

It is a need for a federated architectural approach to support heterogeneous platforms and technologies which already is existing in many cities.

Arne Berre, Chief Scientist, SINTEF

We lead an urbact project IoTXchange.

Michaela Gil, European Studies Consultant, Municipality of Fundão

Smart solutions should be wise – designed with the users for the users, and easily evaluated, reviewed and modified with changing conditions.

Kimmo Rautanen, Project researcher, Åbo Akademi University Experience Lab

We need smart-user to have smart-building through interaction, to have smart -cities through aggregation. To do it is required distributed intelligence, modeling, interactions.

Andrea Benoni, CEO, Katalyxer srl

Make buildings healthier while reducing energy consumption.

Natalia Mykhaylova, CEO, WeavAir

Design & implementation of optimized data sharing via digital curation methodologies.

Rick Graves, Aerospace Engineer , United States Air Force Research Laboratory