The European IoT Hub – Growing a sustainable and comprehensive ecosystem for the Next Generation Internet of Things

EU-IoT acts as an accelerator for the whole European IoT ecosystem towards transforming the current IoT community of researchers and innovators in Europe into an increasingly cohesive, dynamic, participatory and sustainable ecosystem, as an essential part of the Next Generation Internet initiative. It assists stakeholders to engage and create value, as well as set up a self-sustaining European IoT community.

Develop synergies and foster strategic coordination

To support the development of synergies and foster strategic coordination among NGIoT projects and related initiatives having as main driver the maximisation of impact and reinforcement in the leadership of EU-made IoT to achieve Horizon 2020 goals while smoothly and effectively transitioning to Horizon Europe

To ensure the growth of the NGIoT ecosystem by engaging target stakeholders and facilitating participation for newcomers, while fostering collaborations among them and establishing strong liaisons at intra and inter-programme level

Foster adoption of IoT solutions

To foster the development of business models, innovation activities and skills building lowering the barrier for adoption and development of IoT-empowered solutions

To support and coordinate outreach and impact creation activities across the NGIoT ecosystem, by orchestrating communication and dissemination efforts, open calls promotions, events organisation and participation, and contributions to open-source, pre-normative and standardisation initiatives

EU-IoT project coordinator


EU-IoT partners