Internet of Things for research leadership and global competitivenes

The Next Generation Internet of Things (NGIoT) is a three-year Coordination and Support Action (CSA), started in November 2018. NGIoT supports the consolidation of Europe’s leading position in creating a secure, safe, trusted and “human-centric” IoT research & innovation, development and deployment environment for The Next Generation Internet (NGI).

NGIoT builds on established strong partnerships with Europe’s existing IoT Privacy / Security cluster projects and the IoT Large-Scale Pilot (LSP) Programme, both at strategic and communication levels. One of the most important outcomes of the NGIoT project will be a sound and forward-looking roadmap. The roadmap will indicate future directions that will guide European IoT research, innovation, policies and investments, respecting to core European values of openness, inclusion and participation. This is an essential strategic exercise that will inject into the broader Next Generation Internet initiative.

NGIoT’s impact and ambition go beyond just creating awareness on the future IoT-deployed aspect in the NGI world. In this respect, NGIoT serves to identify, foster, expose and facilitate good practices towards a unified strategy across Europe and worldwide.