Towards a vibrant EU IoT ecosystem

white paper

Latest white paper outlines the full scope of IoT in Europe

The European IoT Hub (EU-IoT) presents an updated overview of the ongoing growth of a sustainable and comprehensive ecosystem for the Next Generation Internet of Things initiative. This latest report reflects the EU-IoT guiding principle: that to build a vibrant and impactful European IoT ecosystem, it is necessary to map and engage all relevant research, innovation and policy initiatives; identify the core market pull needs and technology push trends; and to coordinate and align on a common ambition and plan with all key stakeholders across Europe.

The ambition of EU-IoT is to support the development, harmonisation and consolidation of a common research, innovation, and policy roadmap for NGIoT in Europe that can guide efforts and translate into a concrete set of actions, processes and tools facilitating interaction and collaboration and grounding a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem.

We’ve worked with top experts and leaders all across Europe to provide an updated view on what are the key priorities and initiatives to ensure a solid foundation and growth of the NGIoT ecosystem.” EU-IoT Coordinator, Dr Monique Calisti says. “The NGIoT ecosystem continues to grow as a community of communities and as a diverse and widely embracing movement cutting across several research and innovation areas and market segments.

EU-IoT is committed to facilitate liaisons, collaborations, exchanges and is actively engaged to promote the activities and outcome of the various relevant projects and initiatives.

The latest report includes:

  • An updated mapping of various relevant efforts and initiatives.
  • A guidance framework that has been developed to capture experts’ input, together with the main outcomes of the EU-IoT Expert Group workshops and the Advisory Board meetings.
  • A structured presentation of input gathered from ongoing European Commission projects, via Coordination Board dedicated sessions, that highlights major trends and priorities mapping them into the same framework used with the Expert Group.
  • A wrap-up view on how the EU-IoT plans to act as a living hub connecting the various forces and stakeholders for the growth of a vibrant and sustainable European IoT ecosystem.

While providing a snapshot of the current NGIoT composition, the report also provides an overview on forward-looking strategic aspects that will shape the future evolution of the NGIoT initiative and help shape research and innovation priorities, as well as upcoming Horizon Europe Calls topics.

Access the full report here (PDF)