White Paper on Artificial Intelligence – Public Consultation

ngiot-AIpaperTake part in a process which will guide the regulatory framework for AI and IoT for decades.

In February the Commission published a White Paper entitled “Artificial Intelligence: A European approach to excellence and trust”.

The White Paper is accompanied by a “Report on safety and liability implications of AI, the Internet of Things and Robotics”.

The White Paper recognizes the important role that AI will play in improving the lives of citizens while enabling the development of innovative new products and services. At the same time, it notes that there is a need for trust and excellence to be at the heart of the development of AI if the benefits are going to be realized and, to this purpose, the need for building an AI-dedicated framework is outlined.

In addition to that, the White Paper and Report address challenges which are common to AI, IoT and robotics, notably in the view of future adaptation of Union safety and liability legislation.

A consultation is now open regarding these issues. The results of this process are expected to inform legislative steps to set the regulatory framework for AI and IoT for decades to come.

Take the opportunity to join the consultation to ensure that IoT gets fair consideration as the Commission moves these proposals forward.

Access the consultation here.

Citizens and stakeholders and invited to provide their feedback by 31 May 2020

Join the NGIoT webinar on the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence – 3 April, 3pm.