NGIoT Training: Decentralizing IoT Intelligence using Distributed Ledger Technologies


An NGIoT training webinar held on 7 February presented applications of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) in IoT including how blockchains enable massive decentralized IoT apps.

Participants were given an introduction to the topic and explored areas of innovation in blockchain’s potential for IoT. The session was led by John Soldatos, EU-IoT.

Talks followed covering various aspects of DLT for IoT including:

  • DLT-enabled security for IoT infrastructures, with Ioardanis Papoutsoglou, ASSIST-IoT Project
  • Interledger and Self-sovereign identities, with Dmitrij Lagutin, IoT-NGIN Project
  • Leaving breadcrumbs of key information over different DLTs: TrustOS platform and CrossDLT, with Carlos Alcaide Pastrana, iNGENIOUS Project
  • Auditing & data integrity in IoT installations using DLT, with Giorgos Siachamis, TERMINET Project

A final session featured questions and answers from participants followed by concluding remarks.

The recording is available :